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What you can expect from us

We offer you the complete range of dental treatments – and a fitting solution for any and all issues

We strive to provide you and your children with the reassurance that we will do what's best when it comes to the health and appearance of your teeth. Therefore, we unite competences from all areas of dentistry under one roof. Besides a specialist orthodontist, you will be treated by dentists with a broad range of specialist educations and main areas of expertise – ranging from parodontology, aesthetic dentistry, oral surgery, and treatments under general anaesthesia to implantology. We will therefore be able to treat you at our own practice, without the need for referrals (bar exceptional cases). No matter the dental issue – we'll have a solution that's right for you.  

We treat your dental issue in a manner that is both an up-to-date and quality-oriented – ideally, though, you won't be having any problems for us to treat at all

We provide you with professional treatment for your dental issues, employing our knowledge of the state of the art in dentistry and dental technology. To achieve this, we offer our staff continuous training, while investing in modern, meaningful technology.
We draft your treatment plan in a step-by-step manner, using non-invasive treatment measures whenever possible. In doing so, we operate with great care – not least to guarantee the best possible aesthetic result.
However, what is better than treating dental issues is preventing them from arising at all. Therefore, protective measures to guarantee that your teeth remain healthy and handsome, are paramount to us. 

We adapt our work to your individual requirements – and work together with you to find the best solution.

You, as a person, are unique. And so is your dental health and your treatment needs. Do you find it absolutely vital that you do not experience any pain during and after your treatment? Do you require a soothing environment that takes away your fears? Do you place particular value on how your teeth look? Do you value the use of the highest quality materials? Or are you looking for treatment that is solid yet affordable, without having to drain your bank account? Tell us what's important to you. We will provide you with tailor-made and comprehensive consulting on the various possibilities and will find the perfect solution for you.

We promote a stress-free and tolerant ambience – to make sure you feel in good hands.

There are only a handful of people who can honestly say they enjoy their trips to the dentist. Most people consider it unpleasant, some are even scared. We strive to offer you an ambience that does not force you to run and hide, but rather allows you to express these emotions openly; ideally, you will gain experiences at our practice that help you to reduce or overcome your fears little by little. We have adopted a number of measures to create an atmosphere at our practice that is relaxed and free of fear: By having bright and friendly rooms, without those typical "dentist smells". We require all of our employees to show tolerance, respect, understanding, and friendliness, both to each other and to you; in other words, to behave like people and treat you like people, as opposed to mere customers. We use non-invasive treatment measures, which are both pain free and stress free, whenever possible. We consider your visit a success if you feel like you were offered a professional and humane experience that motivates you to return.

We offer fair and acceptable prices with private agreements – so that your trust in us goes beyond money-related matters

As a patient, you have unfortunately been facing generally increasing personal financial contributions for your dental health in recent years. You are usually (as a member of the statutory health insurance programme) forced to cover this risk with a private, additional insurance policy. In particular, extensive tooth preservation, tooth replacement, and orthodontic measures require (additional) private agreements.

We strive to offer you the best possible – in other words, fair and acceptable – prices available on the market across all fields of dentistry. To this end, we constantly review the cost structures relevant to you and keep searching for more cost-efficient, but still effective, opportunities. However, it doesn’t pay to cut costs everywhere: For example, dentures produced abroad are usually only ostensibly more financially attractive. In principle, we manufacture dentures ourselves, in our in-house laboratory. This way, we can guarantee reliability, safety, and rapid processing. We only have dentures produced abroad, in accordance with German quality standards, in exceptional cases. It is often the case that we will also be able to offer you a number of technical solutions at varying costs. Simply ask us, and we will be happy to lay out the pros and cons for you at length. Additionally, our collaboration with a particular data center allows us to offer you a selection of attractive financing options, e.g. payment in six instalments at no interest.