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The discipline of orthodontics concerns itself with the prevention, detection, and treatment of tooth and jaw misalignments.

When hearing the words “misaligned tooth” and “orthodontics”, most people conjure up images in their head of children and young adults with removable or fixed braces. And maybe that person themselves even wore a brace as well when he or she was younger. 

However, orthodontic measures might also be used to treat preschool-aged children in exceptional cases, as the early detection and treatment of distinct misalignments is important for the healthy development of a child. 

Adults might also finally fulfil that wish for pretty, straight teeth with the help of orthodontic measures. Virtually invisible braces have proven themselves to be especially practical. These can easily be removed if required (before an important meeting, for example). 

We offer orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages at all three of our locations.

Orthodontist Dr Christa Mende and Master of Science (MSc) Orthodontist Dr Ali Abed Pour are our professional, renowned, and experienced dentists when it comes to performing these treatments.

You can find detailed information on our practice’s orthodontic treatments on the orthodontics websites of each of our individual locations: